Watch Your Language

As the cautionary tale of Parler shows, lack of proper moderation may bring down an entire community. All it takes is one incident that may raise the prospect of lawsuits or consumer campaigns to delete your app for everyone involved even indirectly. Nor is it the first time: back in 2018, Gab was forced offline over the Pittsburgh synagogue shooting.

It’s not just the United States. Virtually every jurisdiction today has laws to make sure that online chatter does not cause offline issues. You think you can host your controversial website in Russia? Think again. Roskomnadzor (a Russian federal service…

Tisane Labs at the Interpol World ’19
Tisane Labs at the Interpol World ’19
Tisane Labs at the Interpol World ‘19

Our experience at the Interpol World in early July was eye-opening. Easily one of the most productive and fascinating trade events we ever attended.

People from all over the world, many looking like stereotypical agents of elite law enforcement units in the movies — maybe because they are actual agents in these units in real life. We met US Secret Service veterans, Canadian Mounted Police, UK’s NCA, the ever cheerful and friendly Interpol people, and topped up our knowledge of the alphabet soup agencies. …

Detecting Abusive Content with Tisane API


For social media, great and small, abusive content is likely the №1 issue today. Cyberbullying, hate speech, sexual harassment, criminal dealings. A small village growing into a megapolis attracts all kinds of people, not always of the peaceful kind. Just like the real-world urban settlements require a police force, online communities don’t function well without moderators.

With the sheer volume of content, the moderators are overwhelmed. Tisane API is a tool to ease their task by providing cues about possible violations.

WARNING. Below, we quote examples of abusive content, many sourced in the real world, that might be disturbing to…

The end of the year is approaching, and the time-honored tradition is to peek into the crystal ball.


Sentiment analysis, or opinion mining, is a process of finding out the sentiment expressed in a fragment of text. The idea is relatively young: first papers on sentiment analysis only appeared less than two decades ago (Turney, 2002). Its importance in various verticals coupled with the explosion in the volume of social media helped to fast-track the commercialization and the generous R&D investment.

Today, it is no longer enough just to answer whether the author of the content gives “thumbs up” or “thumbs down”. In this paper, we will lay the framework for more advanced applications of sentiment analysis.

World in Black & White: Classic Sentiment Analysis

The proverbial spherical cow in vacuum. Every bit as useful as the classic sentiment analysis


Vadim Berman

CEO and co-founder of Tisane Labs

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